Mike Siegel Demands Rejection of Texas Secretary of State David Whitley’s Appointment

Austin, Texas—Today, Democratic congressional candidate Mike Siegel and Hilda Guillen Gomez announced they will be joining a growing coalition of voting rights activists in demanding the rejection of Texas Secretary of State David Whitley’s appointment. Gomez, former candidate for Justice of the Peace in Austin County, will be testifying on behalf of three citizens who are too scared to identify themselves or testify on their own. Interviews will be available prior to the hearing. 

Location: Texas State Capitol, Hearing Room E1.016
Date: Thursday, February 7th 2019
Time: 9am 

“Texas Republicans are engaged in blatant intimidation of new Mexican-American voters, attacking the very foundation of our democracy. Their actions show why we need bold, common-sense legislation like Automatic Voter Registration to strengthen our most basic right — the right to vote. David Whitley must not be confirmed over this unconstitutional and egregious action.” – Mike Siegel

“As a Mexican-American member of the Sealy community and a former political candidate, I am in touch with several U.S. citizens who have received threatening letters due to Secretary Whitley’s voter purge. These are naturalized U.S. citizens who lawfully registered to vote, and who were shocked to receive a letter from Austin County that promised to take away their voting rights if they did not take immediate action.

“Even though these affected community members are U.S. citizens, they are afraid to come forward because of the climate in Texas and here in Austin County. Hispanic members of the community are often subject to targeted law enforcement practices; we are treated like we are “illegal” just because of the color of our skin. I don’t think David Whitley even considered the impact of his action on my community. Because he is so inconsiderate, and because his actions threaten the right to vote of U.S. citizens who did nothing wrong, I think he is unqualified to be Secretary of State.” – Hilda Guillen Gomez

Mike Siegel is a progressive Democrat running for Congress in Texas’ 10th district. Mike has spent his career in public service, as a school teacher, civil rights lawyer, and advocate for communities left out of the political process. In 2018, Siegel successfully pushed Waller County to overturn their decision to put up barriers to voting for Prairie View A&M students. You can learn more about Mike’s candidacy at: https://siegelfortexas.org.