Democrat Mike Siegel Slams McCaul For Proposed Bill That Would Prosecute Protesters as Terrorists

For Immediate Release
August 21st, 2019
Contact: Briana Burns, 512.947.3720;

Austin, Texas—Today, Democratic candidate for Texas’ 10th congressional district, Mike Siegel, released a statement criticizing Congressman Michael McCaul’s proposed bill, Domestic Terrorism Penalties Act of 2019. This bill has been put forward as a response to the recent mass shootings throughout the United States.

The proposed bill would create a broad definition of “domestic terrorism” to include any attempt to “affect” or “influence” government policy or actions. And it would include property damage—even attempted property damage—as a terrorist act subject to a 25-year prison sentence. This bill would give federal prosecutors wide-ranging authority to prosecute protestors simply trying to exercise their constitutional right to protest.

“I am appalled but not surprised that Rep. McCaul would take such a drastic step to stifle dissent. Under this bill, the Boston Tea Party itself was a terrorist act. This is not the way we reduce mass shootings in America. This is not a tool to confront white supremacist attacks. Rather, this is an open invitation to trample the Constitution, and give free reign to a dictatorial regime.”

Mike Siegel is a progressive Democrat running for Congress in Texas’ 10th district. Mike has spent his career in public service, as a school teacher, civil rights lawyer, and advocate for communities left out of the political process. In 2018, Siegel successfully pushed Waller County to overturn their decision to put up barriers to voting for Prairie View A&M students. You can learn more about Mike’s candidacy at: https://siegelfortexas.or