Gun Reform and Public Safety

We have an epidemic of gun violence and cannot look away. School shootings, persistent violence in our major cities, even police shootings. The roots of this problem are deep and diverse, but that cannot deter us as we work to create a safer community.

I am honored to have earned the distinction of being a Moms Demand Action candidate. 

I am clear in my pledge to refuse any donations from the National Rifle Association, any other gun lobby organization, and any executive of a gun or weapons manufacturer. I also refuse to accept corporate PAC contributions of any kind. We must combat the influence of war industries that profit from violence in our own communities. Until we can stop the NRA from buying our elected officials, it will be difficult to enact long-term solutions to gun violence.

In terms of immediate policy reforms, my commitments include:

  • Universal background checks
  • Closing the “gun show loophole” and other gaps in our gun safety laws
    End the sale of weapons of war including assault rifles, high capacity magazines, and other accessories that increase the deadliness of firearms and have no relation to hunting, recreation or self-defense
  • Restore federal funding to the Center for Disease Control to understand the effects of gun violence
  • Enact risk protection orders that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals, including people under court order for domestic abuse
  • Fight for increased federal funding for “safe storage” equipment and training programs

I’m also committed to a broader program to foster public safety, both in the short and long term:

  • Build a comprehensive public safety net, including good schools, universal housing, universal healthcare, and a living wage, that will address the root causes of some violent crime
  • Address police violence, including the disproportionate use of deadly force against Black, indigenous and other people of color, and reimagine public safety to allow for a broader array of responses to emergency situations
  • Support Department of Justice programs to interdict and dismantle violent white supremacist organizations and other domestic groups that are responsible for most mass shootings
  • Combat the culture of violence embodied by President Eisenhower’s warning about the “military industrial complex,” and support international coalitions and movements towards demilitarization and diplomacy