Public education is the foundation of our democracy.

If every student has the opportunity to learn and succeed, the American Dream continues. But if we weaken public education—through for-profit schemes, attacks on teachers’ unions, systemic under-funding and the like—we lose the heart of our nation.

My beliefs about public education are informed by my own experience attending public schools, and my work as a public school teacher. I taught third grade, fifth grade, and eighth grade; I ran after-school and summer programs; and I organized as a member of the teacher’s union. I’ve seen what is possible, when students and parents and teachers and administrators unite in pursuit of quality education. And I’ve seen the threats from those who would sell our public resources to the highest bidder, and attack our system of education as a way to reduce political opposition.

As your representative, I will fight for:

  • Public school funding that ensures that every student in this country has the opportunity to succeed as students, as human beings, and as participants in the American economy;
  • Policies that uplift teachers and school workers: to ensure they are not treated as cogs in a machine, but rather as partners in a project essential to American democracy; to guarantee work with dignity, that is well-compensated and includes comprehensive benefits; to support continuing training and education; and to protect the rights to organize and bargain collectively;
  • Protections for students from every walk of life: to ensure they are provided the tools they need for success; to support special needs students, English language learners, LGBTQIA students, and students from at-risk communities; to guarantee freedom from discrimination and harassment and ensure the safety of every member of the community.

And as your representative, I will fight against:

  • The privatization of public education: I oppose “vouchers” and other efforts to take public school dollars and apply them to private and for-profit institutions; and I am concerned about the proliferation of charter schools, which include some great individual campuses, but as a whole are draining our public school districts of students and families, and therefore must be limited to protect our public school systems;
  • Attacks on public school workers: we must protect our teachers’ unions and public school worker unions, which are often the most effective advocates to ensure quality learning conditions in our public schools, and which are composed of hard-working members of our communities.

Public education is essential to what this country stands for. Elect a teacher who will protect our schools for the generations to come.