Join us as we sit down with representatives from the labor, environment, and youth movements to discuss how we can work together to achieve a Green New Deal. 

Panelists include:
Andrés Bernal (Professor, Green New Deal researcher, and advisor to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez)
Prof. Raj Patel (Research Professor and Author)
Dr. Amanda M. Masino (Professor and Environmentalist)
Mike Siegel (Democratic candidate for Congress)

Additional panelists include: Greg Casar (Austin City Council), Emma Galbraith (youth climate leader), Ryan Pollock (IBEW Local 520), Ginny McDavid (President, Harris County Labor Assembly), Jordan Cooper, and Gina Hinojosa (Texas House Member, Austin).

Co-Sponsors include:  TX-10 Indivisible, Sunrise Movement Austin, Our Revolution Texas, ADAPT, NETCO Dems, Progressive Democrats of America, & Texas Drought Project.

Our environment is in trouble: rising temperatures and increased natural disasters are endangering our lives and communities. We know that burning coal, oil and natural gas is part of the problem; there are other causes, too, like cutting down our forests, and putting roads over prairies and meadows. On a planet with billions of people, and ever-increasing human development, we need our federal government to take the lead, to reduce carbon emissions and chart a path toward sustainability.

We also know our economy is in trouble. A handful of billionaires control as much wealth as half of our country. We’ve lost good jobs, in manufacturing and other industries, that allowed workers to support their families. Too many of us are working multiple jobs, at low wages, and are barely scraping by.

The Green New Deal addresses both the environment and the need for good jobs at the same time. Let’s use the power of our government to build a healthier future. Let’s invest in renewable energy, and put Americans to work in the process. Let’s make our homes more energy efficient; let’s clean up polluted waterways and industrial areas; let’s create industries inside the United States that will meet the needs of the 21st century.

Accessibility: The King-Seabrook Chapel is located at the Southeast corner of Huston-Tillotson University campus. It is accessible via ramp near main entrance, and bathrooms are available in the chapel. (accessibility map:

Parking is available in neighborhoods near Chicon St. entrance, & we recommend carpooling or public transportation! Accessible Parking is available along 11th Street near the North Entrance to campus, as well as inside the East Entrance at 9th Street & Chicon. Bus line: There are several bus stops located around the HT campus. Bus 4, 21, 22, and 320 stop within walking distance of the campus.

We will have volunteers stationed near the Chicon & Chalmers St entrances wearing Mike Siegel t-shirts to help guide folks to the chapel. If you have any accessibility questions or would like to request an accomodation, please email