Green New Deal for TX-10

Over the past century, fossil fuels have raised the standard of living for people around the world and fueled a boom in the Texas economy. But this same boom has led us to a crisis: we have 10 years to cut greenhouse gas emissions by half, or else face increasing floods, droughts, fires, heat waves, and other catastrophic events. Poor and working people, people of color, seniors, and people with disabilities are among those most at risk; we only need to look at the impact of Hurricane Harvey, and recent industrial disasters in Houston to see the truth.

In order to solve this massive crisis, we need massive solutions. The Green New Deal is designed to confront the twin crises of climate change and inequality. It is a plan to take immediate action to (1) address climate change, and create millions of jobs in the process; (2) guarantee a just transition for affected workers and their families, including a jobs guarantee, so they will not suffer as we rebuild the American economy; and (3) remedy the legacy of environmental injustice and focus resources on those communities that have been on the front lines of fossil fuel pollution.

The original New Deal had a project in every Congressional district, and here in the Texas 10th, we have a project ready to implement. In Fayette County, the Fayette Coal Plant was built 40 years ago with the promise of “clean” coal power, but has instead poisoned the groundwater, polluted the air, killed livestock and crops, and created a corridor of cancer cases, childhood asthma, and other calamitous health impacts. The plant should be immediately closed; funds allocated to clean up coal ash waste and other pollution; and new industry developed to employ local workers in a sustainable industry for the 21st Century. 

We have begun the work of a Green New Deal for Texas. In September 2019, my campaign was the first to organize a town hall event on the Green New Deal, bringing together national & local experts across politics, labor, economics, agriculture, environmental justice, and youth climate organizing. The highlights and complete town hall video are below.

Watch the Town Hall Highlight Video:

Watch the Full Town Hall Video:

Please also see our first campaign video, telling the story of how the Fayette Coal Plant impacted a local pecan farmer.