Fighting for our shared values

We need a bold vision

My work in public service, as an educator and civil rights advocate, has shown me that we are strongest when we work together. Right now, our economy and political system is not working for most Americans. Huge corporations use their money and influence to rig the game to their own advantage. To build a stronger America, a country that truly serves the greater good, we need a movement.

Healthcare For All

Every American deserves comprehensive healthcare. A universal approach will reduce administrative costs and promote preventive care. We can have the best healthcare outcomes in the world, while lowering prices. Let’s achieve this goal — together.​

Protect The Right To Vote

The right to vote is our most fundamental right in a democratic society. We must fight hard to guarantee the vote for everyone. I believe when we have the largest participation, we have the strongest democracy.

Education Is The Key

My years in the classroom showed me that to fulfill the promise of the American Dream, we must begin in our public schools. I believe that no matter what family you were born into, no matter your wealth or status, you have the opportunity to live a safe, prosperous and fulfilling life.

Green New Deal

Our environment is in trouble: rising temperatures and increased natural disasters are endangering our lives and communities. Let’s work together to build a healthier future. Let’s invest in renewable energy, and put Americans to work in the process.

Expanding Labor Rights

I have stood on the picket lines as a union organizer, fighting for my fellow workers. This fight for a living wage, safe working conditions, and dignity as a worker, starts in the union hall. I am dedicated to expanding worker rights in Congress.

Corporate PAC Money

We are in a fight for our democracy. Big monied interests and corporations are buying our politicians. Our campaign is rejecting corporate PAC money because I want to represent the people, not large corporations.


I believe that reproductive choice is a universal human right. Women should have simple, informed, and universal access to all aspects of reproductive care. 

Common Sense Gun Reforms

We must treat gun control legislation as what it is: a matter of life and death. There have been far too many human lives lost because lawmakers failed to act. I am rejecting all NRA contributions and will work to pass common sense gun reforms in Congress.

Crushing College Debt

The new generation has been sold a promise that we couldn’t keep. We were promised that with a college education, comes a good paying job. Millions of people are struggling because of their large amounts of debt. We must undo this damage. I support College For All.


This campaign recognizes the long struggle of the movements for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual rights.

Criminal Justice Reform

As a civil rights lawyer and a former school teacher, I see the United States’ criminal justice system as a reflection of our democracy. 


One of the greatest qualities of the United States is how this country has provided sanctuary and opportunities for people from around the world. In the process, immigrants have enriched our culture, strengthened our economy, and made America a better place for everyone.

Universal Broadband

We are in desperate need of high-quality, affordable internet access for education, tele-health, and working from home, yet over one third of our district’s seven rural counties lack the most basic broadband access.

Housing For All

Housing is not an option. People need shelter. The United States is in the middle of a decades-long affordable housing crisis, which is pushing people out of their homes and neighborhoods.