Mike Siegel’s Taco Town Hall

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this great event!

Taco Town Hall photos
Did you ever wonder what it would cost to get your photo taken with Paul Ryan and Michael McCaul?  Well, now we know the answer: Ten thousand dollars
This is money in politics at its worst: a gang of rich Republican politicians, raising funds from rich donors so they can continue to pass laws that make all of them even richer. 

When we saw this invitation, we knew our campaign needed to respond. And we think we have a pretty good plan.

If you don’t have the $10K for a photo with Paul Ryan— or if you have better things to do than eat shrimp cocktail with Republican lobbyists— then perhaps you’d like to join Mike Siegel for something more enjoyable, and have a real conversation about issues that are important to you.

Michael McCaul hasn’t had a town hall meeting with his constituents in NINE YEARS. Mike Siegel is holding town hall meetings before he even gets elected. And ours has tacos!

Taco Town Hall
Siegel for Congress Campaign HQ
5460 Guadalupe St, Suite L135, Austin, TX
Wednesday, April 4th at 5:30pm

Austin Central Labor Council President Judy Cortez
Austin City Council Members Greg Casar and Leslie Pool
Jack Kappelman, March for Our Lives - Austin
Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay

Mike is committed to representing everyone, not a select few, rich donors. This event is just the beginning.