Vote By Mail Info

We are all at risk if we vote in person during the COVID-19 crisis. Public health experts and multiple judges have agreed. Any Texas voter who does not want to risk injury or death by voting in-person can request a mail-in ballot.

To secure our vote in the General Election on November 3rd, we need to take action. You can either request the application for your mail-in ballot or you can print it out yourself and mark that you have a “disability.”

You can find all the relevant links below:

Request an application be sent to you by mail.

Print out an application yourself.

List of Voting Clerks by county (This information is required on the application).

Read a detailed explanation of why you are entitled to request a mail-in ballot.

If you would like us to send you a vote-by-mail application directly, please email your request with a complete address to or call 512-766-2611 today.

Official Instructions for submitting an Application for Ballot by Mail (“ABBM”):

  1. Print (PDF) the ABBM form
  2. OR submit an order online and an ABBM will be mailed to you.
  3. Complete Sections 1 through 8.
  4. Sign and Date Section 10.
  5. If you were unable to sign the application and someone witnessed your signature, that person must complete Section 11.
  6. If someone helped you complete the application or mailed the application for you, that person must complete Section 11.
  7. Affix postage.

    1. If you printed the application you must place it in your own envelope and add postage.
    2. If you ordered the application online and it was mailed to you - fold the application in half, moisten top tab, seal and add postage.

  8. Address and mail the completed ABBM to the Early Voting Clerk in your county. You may also fax the application if a fax machine is available in the early voting clerk’s office.  You also have the option of submitting a scanned copy of the completed and signed application to the Early Voting Clerk via email. If an ABBM is faxed or emailed, then the original, hard copy of the application MUST be mailed and received by the early voting clerk no later than the 4th business day.

    1. The Early Voting Clerk is the County Clerk or Elections Administrator for your county

Contact information, including fax numbers if available, and email addresses for the Early Voting Clerks are available on this website.