Voting Rights

Mike Siegel has been fighting for equal opportunity and social justice for the last twenty years, first as a public school teacher and then as a civil rights lawyer. As an educator and union organizer, community activist and trial attorney, Mike has committed himself to advocating for disadvantaged communities and working for a better future.

In 2018, Mike was the Democratic nominee in the Texas 10th Congressional District, taking on a longtime Republican incumbent in a heavily gerrymandered district. His opponent, Michael McCaul, is one of the richest members of Congress and won his 2016 election by 19 points. With a grassroots campaign backed by organized labor, Indivisible groups, and other progressive organizations and activists, Mike narrowed the gap to 4 points on Election Day, surprising many outside observers. Now, TX-10 is on the national “battleground” lists for both parties, and Mike is running again.

One of the highlights of Mike’s 2018 campaign was his fight for voting rights at Prairie View A&M University. The historically-black college in Waller County has been the source of a series of struggles for voting rights dating back several decades. In 2018, on the eve of the voter registration deadline, local officials told PVAMU students they would not be able to vote on Election Day without signing an affidavit swearing to their residence — an unnecessary impediment to voting that would surely suppress voter turnout. Mike joined together with local Democrats to protest this policy, and in the course of delivering a demand letter, Mike’s local organizer was arrested. As a result, Mike was featured on Rachel Maddow, and a day later, the Texas Secretary of State forced Waller County to reverse its policy on student voting.

Democratic aid arrested advocating for voting rights in Texas.  

This episode represents the type of representative Mike would be in Texas: fighting for the people of this district on the issues that matter most. 

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