Before you dial:

  • Check out the latest from the campaign! Go to our issues page here, or find us on facebook and twitter. 
  • Read through the script.
  • Find somewhere comfortable to sit with your charged phone, computer, and headphones
  • Go to when you’re ready to start making calls
  • To log in, create an ActionID. This only requires an email and a password. If you’ve used the MiniVAN app before to knock doors, this should be the same login. 

While you’re making calls:

  • Feel free to use the script as a guide, but don’t be afraid to tell voters why you support Mike!
  • If you get a question you can’t answer, don’t worry! Just refer people to the website or the campaign. 
  • Take a selfie, post it on social media, and invite your friends to do it with you next time!
  • Call or text Ben at 512-791-8691 for support if you are having any issues.

After you dial:

  • Share a story about your favorite conversation of the night social media with the hashtags: #TX10 and #SiegelForCongress

Thank you!