“You Can’t Buy People”

As of this year, Michael McCaul is the wealthiest person in the United States Congress. But you can’t buy people. Here’s our first campaign video.


Mike Siegel for Congress
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December 5, 2017
For Immediate Release

Mike Siegel Announces Campaign for Congressional Seat Held by $300 Million Republican

Leading attorney against Senate Bill 4 promises to fight for immediate reversal of “Tax Scam”

Drawing inspiration from recent Democratic gains in Virginia and Oklahoma, Austin attorney Mike Siegel announced his candidacy for the 10th Congressional District of Texas, a seat currently held by seven-time incumbent Michael McCaul. “I am running to fight for Texans who are left behind by the current administration, which seems singularly focused on enriching the wealthiest Americans while taking as much as possible from the rest of us,” Siegel declared.

Siegel, who currently serves as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Austin, is best known locally for suing Governor Greg Abbott after the passage of Senate Bill No. 4, the “sanctuary city” bill that threatens to remove local officials and criminally prosecute police chiefs who protect immigrant families. Siegel has also challenged landlords who fail to maintain apartment complexes, and he recently sued the State of Texas for discriminating against renters who utilize government assistance.

“My campaign will highlight how Rep. McCaul has personally enriched himself, to the tune of several million dollars, by voting for the recent Tax Bill,” Siegel declared. “McCaul is one of the most loyal Republicans to President Trump, going so far as to say he wants to ‘build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.’ This type of leadership does nothing to benefit working Texans and our families, and we need a change.”

Siegel’s prior experience includes several years as a public school teacher and union representative; several years running nonprofit education agencies providing free after-school and summer programs; and a prior legal practice representing whistleblowers and victims of discrimination.

Siegel will file his candidacy with the Texas Democratic Party at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 5th.

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Mike Siegel with his wife Hindatu and their children Malik and Hamza.


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