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Mike Siegel is a civil rights lawyer and former public school teacher running for Congress in the Texas 10th. He has served the people for 20 years, first as an educator to ensure equal opportunity for his students, and then as an advocate, fighting for the rights of his clients.

Mike began his career in 1999, joining the Americorps national civil service program and teaching 3rd grade as a Teach for America corps member. He taught in the classroom for five years, and founded two nonprofit education agencies that, nearly 20 years later, continue to provide free after-school and summer programs to hundreds of children and youth.

After attending law school, Mike worked as a plaintiff-side employment lawyer, representing women who suffered discrimination in the workplace and whistleblowers who suffered retaliation. Most recently, he served as an Austin city attorney, where he represented the city in lawsuits against the State of Texas on behalf of immigrant families, firefighters, low-income renters, and constituents in support of common sense gun regulations.

As an educator Mike worked to fulfill the promise of the American Dream: the idea that everyone, no matter what family you were born into, no matter your wealth or status, has the opportunity to live a safe, prosperous and fulfilling life. And as a lawyer, he’s been an advocate for folks without a voice, fighting against unjust laws and holding employers accountable when they mistreat their workers.

Mike wants to bring that same commitment, for opportunity and justice, to the people of the Texas 10th. Our goal is to run a people-powered campaign – no funding from corporate PACs, but lots of support from regular Texans who want their representative to fight for what matters most. Healthcare and good jobs; clean air and clean water; accountability for corrupt officials; and common decency and respect instead of hate and division.

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